Place of Interest

1.Dekuli Shiv Mandir

Baba Bhawaneshwar Nath Temple is the oldest center of the people’s faith in the district. This temple has religious and historical significance. It is said that this temple was constructed during Dwapar period. This temple was constructed by carving the same stone.
The British Gazette, published in 1956, was said to be of this temple between Pashupatinath of Nepal and Harihar region of India. In a decision of the Calcutta High Court, this temple has been described as very ancient.

According to the villagers, the mention of this temple was also mentioned on the proclamation receipt of East India Company. There is a pond in the western part of the temple. The excavation was carried out in 1962 by Saint Prem Bhikshu, resident of Chhatouni village.